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Currently hypnotized by this succulent creation from Etsy seller @milesoflight. Link in bio for more botanical beauty from this shop. 🌿
“Working with silver and stone is my heart’s work,” says Julie of Etsy shop @BuffaloLucy. Now tell us: What’s *your* heart’s work? Follow @EtsySu
Resin stacking rings filled with rose gold flakes. 😍 Handmade by Etsy seller @daimblond_ig. Link in bio for details.
@katejerryy, you sure do know how to soothe the soul with art. 🌲 Tap the link in our bio to see more from Etsy shop BirchBliss.
If unexpected ceramics are your thing, @scavengeandbloom is your Etsy shop. This monocle-wearing llama has monocle-wearing friends. A bunny, a flamingo, a
Layered mirrors: for the functional-art lover in you. Handmade by London-based @EtsyUK seller @haideedrew.
Pick one: rose gold, silver, copper, gold. Handmade mini concrete planter from Etsy seller @thebirch_thebear_thebee. Link in bio to get one for yourself.
The temporary tattoo that might actually tempt you to get a real tattoo. From Etsy seller @studiorafaelerohn. Tap the link in bio to shop.
You might have a cat-shaped planter. You might have a cat on your sweater. But do you have cats on your tea towels? You do now. 🐱 Handmade by Etsy selle
We’ll take all of ‘em. @EtsyStudio has everything you need to create your dream terrarium (or anything else, for that matter). #KeepMaking
Yes, it’s okay to be above age 6 and still want these pillows. 🌈☁️🍦 Handmade by Etsy seller @thefoxintheattic.
Zodiac nail art: a little taste of the celestial beauty trend everyones loving right now. ✨ These decals are by Etsy seller jsfrnNailArt. Shop millions