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jack antonoff


new jersey / bleachers

hi from the gorge amphitheater - last day of part 1 --- part two starts at gov ball on release day 🔴
shot i like by tawni bannister for ny times from my studio at home where i made gone now. spent a lot of time sitting right there thinking during the makin
maybe my favorite live picture ever taken. chicago yesterday on night one of tour. photo by @shane_timm
thank you chicago for my favorite night one of tour ever. this is exactly what it felt like. pic by @ginascarpino
and joy of my life limited edition vinyl ❤️❤️ today is wonderful. promise to never press more than a thousand or so of the same vinyl so everything
physical gone now in my hand oh my god
today 5.17.17 NYC at 5pm 24th and madison  ill show you something ive been working on for a very long time
happy mothers day big shira :: EDIT: it is shocking how much this looks like @babyhaim
everybody lost somebody - 3rd song from gone now is out today. here is where it came from and why i wrote it.
this is karen she means the world to me - dont know what ill do when shes gone. hi from new york now. spent that past 4 days in london sharing new parts
polaroid from @michaelbaileygates shooting gone now
dttm the money video is here! click on these people to learn more about who was involved. also to answer a question ive been getting all day - i do play t