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You know the feeling when youre walking into a store and find the most perfect piece of clothing? Thats what happened to me when I found this amazing shi
Music is seriously life and I just wanted to say that I dont know where Id be without it. Music is an art that keeps my heart beating with the rhythm and
slam dunk ready!!!
Lifes to short never try to be something your not because there will always be someone judging you instead be happy and dont give a shit about what anyon
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Die Tür ist schon ab. Bald wird er weiß. Leider muss ich an vielen Stellen einfach so drüber streichen, da ich ihn nicht üb
No one else is dealing with your demons, meaning maybe defeating them could be the beginning of your meaning, friend
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For some reason I have always look on the bright side of life stuck in my head 😂
A$AP Rocky 🎉
Big hair dont care , went out to Leeds last night and had a lovely time. 
Honestly cant wait to get a phone which isnt such a potato. The water stains o