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Well I would call this a success! My first astrophotography session at Lost Lake! I had a great time meeting new photographers like @allanpuls, check him o
🙌clouds 🙌
I woke up to this view this morning, and I dont think today could have started any better. Heres to the backpacking adventures that await! I hope you all
There is something so calming about staring into the oceans
#britishcolumbia #travel #instapic #calm #ocean #serene #instafeel #water #island #vscocam #art
Of course after getting myself a @djiglobal Mavic Pro I had to get a shot of myself sitting on a sand dune in the middle of the desert in Dubai 🙌 and ye
Disney Triippp
В тот день после вахты я, как обычно, читал книгу и загорал , но погода начала стремите
Портрет, одного из обладателей очень громкого авто в СПБ. 
Настройка системы.
.150 [🍙]
Winner doesnt mean anything unless someone else loses.