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Food diary for Sunday. Finishing the day on 1495cals. As well as what is shown here, I did have an @aldiuk knock off Ferrero Roche and a couple of chocolat
Senior year of high school I lost about 35 pounds. The left photo is being successful in that weight loss, going from an almost too small for me size 16 to
I told myself today that if I wanted #starbucks I had to earn it. So instead of driving I ran there and back. Almost 3 miles total, not bad for running out
@sport_style_sa👈🏻 العائلة الجميلة متوفرة لدينا
سنكرس، مارس ، باونتي 
القيمة الغذائية لكل
Les éclatés du choco fav 😍👌🍦
#chocofav #undelice #difficileaexpliquer #cochon #calories #gainz #orgasme #dans  #la #bouche
És el #cava un #aliment?
Tho expliquem al nostre blog
#aprendrecava #cavalovers #calories
Enjoying an after-dinner treat whilst watching telly & all cosy in my dressing gown 😊 tonight its a gooey brownie from @theproteinworks. Not the flavou
كوب عصير قمر الدين =١٤٠ كالوري .
يحتوي قمر الدين على المشمش المجفف الذي ي
its summer and Im eating sizzling meatballs 🐄🍷🍞 #meatballs #sizzle #gravy #comfortfood #dietfood #not #calories
🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓yummy treat of Nutella with the sweetest strawbs ever🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓 (mmm if only they were haribo strawbs), ending today on 1684
Beautifully ribeyes about to be roasted on cast iron skillet to celebrate the end of a brutal exam 😖🐮❤️ sea salt with a hint of chili plus pepper
Ramadanthe holy month is the festival of arabic dessert , kunafeh is the queen 😍 my custard banana kunafeh is the best way to celebrate Ramadan😋 #kun
And yes, eggs do raise your cholesterol. But there is bad and good cholesterol (LDL and HDL respectively). The one that eggs raise is the good one. So if y
Bonsoir !! 🙊 Olala le week-end est passé tellement vite que jen oublie de publier ! 
A la place de publier mes repas, je vous publie ces beaux endroit
#Curls #Cardio #Calories #CaliGirl #CulverStairs 💪🏾💋💯
Okay. Its time to talk about this. And FYI- I know this is a sensitive topic for people- so if you comment in a rude manner- you will be blocked immediate
What is Bulking?🤔
📍Bulking is a phase when you are essentially trying to pack on as much muscle as you
This thing is a game changer 💪🏻⌚️ #revolutionfitness #fitness #fitfam #calories #fitbitblaze